Sync your Sharetribe data with Lemonado

The easiest way to create a dashboard for Sharetribe is to connect your Sharetribe marketplace Lemonado. The best thing is that it takes a few clicks.

Get your credentials from Sharetribe admin console

The first thing you'll need is your Sharetribe marketplace credentials. Ensure you've chosen the live environment. Then go to Build -> Applications and click on Add a new application.

Name your Integration and select Integration API, click the green button Add application.

Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Add your credentials to Lemonado

Log in to your Lemonado account and go to Data sources -> Add data source and select Sharetribe.

Paste your Client ID and Client Secret. Click Continue and you're good to go. It can take a while to load all data, so please be patient.

Sit back and relax while your data is syncing

If you have a lot of data in Sharetribe it can take a while to sync. Please be patient. When the sync is complete your Sharetribe data will show up under Data sources. There will also be autogenerated dashboards in your workspace.