Sync Google Sheets with Lemonado

With Lemonado you can build dashboard based on Google Sheets live data. This gives your Google Sheets data superpowers; you can ask for answers with AI and build beautiful sharable apps.

Make sure your data is on a tabular format

To make your Google Sheets data useful in Lemonado it needs to be on a tabular format where the first row contains headers explaining the contents of each column.

Authenticate your account

The next step is to go to Data sources and click add data source and select Google Sheets. You'll be asked to log-in with your google sheets account.

Select the sheet and tab you which to sync

Once the account is authenticated, select the sheet you'd like to sync. Make sure Lemonado interpreted the data correctly and that the column types are correct. For example, if you have dates in a column the column type should be "Date and time".

Start using your data

Once the data is in you can start adding widgets based on your Google Sheets data. Go creative!